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Since the age of 19, I have been helping and collaborating with more than 50 individuals in their development of English language and their speaking skills. It has now been more than 8 years I have been walking on this career path not only because I enjoy helping individuals achieve their dreams but also sharing my knowledge and experience has always been part of who I am. Throughout my +8 years career, I have collaborated with doctors, executives, future lawyers, artists, EU officers, phD, MA, BA and high school students. 

I myself, have been graduated with MBA (Master in Business Administration) from one of the most prestigious University in the world ( Ku Leuven), entrepreneurship, leadership and management have always been my core interests.

Speaking and sharing are my two assets that describe my identity. Simply because I believe that sharing what you know and speaking about it, can and will impact an individual's life.

And in a world where English is such an important language, by mastering it and to be able to speak eloquently will give you unimaginable power. This is why I believe 

" Words are beyond power".


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Email: Jaekaung@gmail.com

​Mobile: +32 (0)4 93 08 44 08

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